Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pull the rip cord.

Dear Lazyweb (tm Doctor Memory);

What are your best ways to end a date early? I've had two dates recently that have been so excruciatingly awful that I had to awkwardly cut them short. (I've taken to heart what Pink Sweater Girl said to DateMeDC on her bad date: "Your time is precious and you deserve not to waste it." Why endure unnecessary awfulness? Why make him waste his time too? [Also, I love that girl's blog. She does date-blogging right.]) The first guy was quite nice and I had a good time exchanging e-mails with him before meeting, but unfortunately his written vocabulary was about 10,000 words larger than his spoken one. Language barrier ... insurmountable. The second guy does not bear thinking about. (Short version: extremely insensitive-bordering-on-intentionally-rude to a transgendered woman. IT'S 2010, ASSHOLE.)

I got out of the date with the first guy by pleading exhaustion. The date with the second guy, I was actually in genuine pain from a terrible sunburn I got on my chest while in Tampa, so that wasn't so much a fake excuse as a convenient reason to GTFO. 

So what are good ways to end a date without being unnecessarily rude? I don't want to hurt a guy's feelings (though Intolerant Jerkface probably warranted it) and I don't want to come off like a douche-bag (though I am). 

Either way, I'm so happy I ended both dates early, because rather than coming home late, grumpy and annoyed at my time being wasted, I salvaged both evenings and had a good time. (Great time, last night. I'm actually kind of giddy just thinking about it and have to keep pulling back the reins on my excitement. More on that later.)

Any advice, Lazyweb?


  1. -I have an early morning meeting.
    -Something about the subways going local or being way to infrequent to your 'hood after a certain time of night.
    -Talk about the "k factor." (This last one can work almost too well.

  2. Pink Sweater Girl did have it right!