Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Things have been kind of ass-over-teakettle for the past few weeks. My office is going through a "restructuring" (read: trying to weasel out of paying half the contracted workers while begging the other half to stay for reduced pay) and since I saw the writing on the wall as soon as that particular meeting ended, I've been taking a scorched-earth approach to interviewing for new jobs. I even interviewed to be the office manager of a Michelin starred restaurant, so admittedly that was pretty cool.

And my beloved Macbook, Stephen Fry bit the dust. Hopefully not permanently, but we'll find out on Thursday.

Last Friday was my birthday, and I celebrated by spending six hours on a bus to Syracuse to visit a bunch of family. I'd tried to keep it a secret from my mother, since anytime she gets wind of me spending more than fifteen seconds in the company of my father she throws a massive shitfit, but that didn't work and she threw a massive shitfit. And then my cousin dropped my phone in the bathtub. So that was fun. 

This Friday also involves a trip upstate with the delightful and delicious Miss Calico. Cannot wait.

Things with the Musician are ... progressing. I am seriously struggling with the conversation I need to have with him about ... you know ... how I'm not poly but I have friends who are also my kinky play partners and while there isn't sex involved with most of them sometimes it's more than a little sexual and hey, Musician, I know you're a nice normal vanilla dude who's totally cool with me being a pervert but maybe you won't be so cool with it after you learn about this but I would feel dishonest if I didn't tell you that there are some other dudes and ladies in my life and ... crap. 

This kink nonsense feels like I'm just throwing a wrench into an engine already brimming with them.

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